Version 4.16 released


Usability Internal programming

  • We made numerous internal changes, based on improved Java technology
  • They result in a faster, smoother user experience
  • You will also notice that the program displays charts faster, and finds more forms in the Greek morphological analysis more quickly
  • A new section at the top is available, with the last selected form
  • This form determines what kind of charts are shown in the chart section

Version 4.15 released



  • All verbs compound with preposition were normalized
  • Irregularities on the name *I)HSOU=J were added
  • Missing meanings/definitions were added
Charts and listings
  • Interjections chart now available
Errors corrected
  • Morphological analysis of FAGW, FAGOJ, and related forms provoked runtime error
  • Morphological analysis of HN provoked runtime error
  • Morphological analysis problems of verbs LAMBA/NW and KTEI/NW
  • Verbs A(LI/SKW and DIDRA/SKW, and their compounds with preposition, failed when participle charts based on them were created

Version 4.13 released


Added data

  • All remaining words from Strong's concordance that Kalós was still unable to find in the Morphological Analysis have been added. This is good news for NT users!
  • We added the following parts of speech to both the dictionary and the morphological analysis:
    • Interjections
    • Indefinite pronouns
    ... and added the ability to look for them in the Morphological analysis, and to produce printable charts for them.
  • The way in which the middle and passive voice meanings are shown, has been standardized all across the dictionary.
  • Several extra substantives, adjectives, conjunctions, verbs and adverbs have been added. Some duplicate forms have been removed from the dictionary
Charts and listings
  • Now there are charts available for every part of speech.
  • Additional inflection charts can be invoked from either the "dictionary" or the "Morpholgical analysis" search screens.
  • An additional tab with hard, very common forms (pronouns, articles, conjunctions, etc) is given.
  • The printable inflection listings' look and feel has been improved and made consistent across listings.
Usability improvements
  • Now, the letter size of the input boxes can also be changed
  • Word type (part of speech) selectors now have a Check all/uncheck all option
  • When a word "explodes" in too many forms, a secondary window appears, offering more feedback and flexibility on what to explode.
Errors corrected
  • The accent placement of some middle participle forms (such as μεταβαλλόμεναι) has been corrected on both the inflection charts and the Morphological Analysis
  • The subjunctive aorist of φιλέω has been corrected.
  • Some verbs compound with preposition, having or not irregularities of their own (περιρρήγνυμι, κάθημαι) produced inconsistent results in the Morphological Analysis. This (we hope) has been corrected
  • Adjectives related to feet ending in (--πους) are now inflected correctly (genitive in -ποδος, etc.)
  • Irregular forms containing dieresis (for example, πραΰς) where ignored by the Morphological Analysis. Not anymore
  • In compound verbs, forms with the quantity of the preposition incorrectly specified (say, ἀνα ρρίπτω) were incorrectly validated by the Morphological Analysis. Not anymore
  • On the word input boxes in Greek mode, accute and grave accents now can be overwritten and are visible on vowels that already had superscript makrons

Version 4.11 released


Added data

  • Reflexive pronouns, more relative pronouns, and interrogatve pronouns were added to the dictionary
  • The Morphological Analysis can find all types of word (parts of speech) present in the program.
  • Numerous verbs compound with preposition lacked inflection information.
  • For adjectives, the comparison degree is now specified in the MA when non-positive.
  • Invariable adjectives weren't found in the MA..
  • added dieresis to substantive forms in ‑ΐα
  • added dieresis to compound verbs that do not contract the preposition (περιΐστημι)
Charts and listings
  • 3 new "particle" listings added.
Usability improvements
  • The mult-page scroll behavior was erratic on result set with many lines.
  • Captions in Portuguese have been added. Suggest your language!
  • The MA for substantives is remarkably faster
  • The Help has been updated (finally!)
Errors corrected
  • oxytone verbs in ‑μί had accentuation problems in with compounds (φημί ‑ σύμφημι), and weren't found in the MA
  • verbs starting with triple consonant had sometimes problems with the augment.
  • many "pluralized" substantives weren't marked as such, creating probems in bith the inflection and the MA.
  • some verbs with irregular lack of augment in the aorist presented nevertheless an augment in the middle voice.
  • the vocative for adjectives of "pluralized" form wasn't found by the MA
  • any form selected having the particularity "Contracted" caused the program to fail
  • invariable adjectives (numerals, etc) weren't found by the MA.

Version 4.10 released


Added data

  • prepositions, conjunctions and relative pronouns were added to the dictionary.
  • he morphological analysis can now also analyze adjectives, prepostions, conjunctions, relative pronouns and personal pronouns.
  • Inflected pronominal forms and their meanings have been added to the dictionary as independent entries (and with inflected meaning!)
  • 570 new entries have been added.
Charts and listings
  • 4 new "particle" listings have been added since last version.
  • 7 new "particle" listings (for prepositions, conjunctions, etc.) can be created anytime, independently of what is selected in the dictionary.
  • extra space has been allowed on the charts for showing the meaning of the entries. The gender of substantives is shown next to them.
Usability improvements
  • a detail panel has been added to the dictionary and morphological analysis grids.
  • he final sigma is assumed and automatically corrected when possible.
  • the "font size selector" also affects the detail section
  • the default "substring location" is not "beggining" any longer, but "exact".
  • the help content was updated, and it is the same as the online content
  • the startup speed and the initial morphological analysis speed have been improved
  • the "mode" caption has been changed into "mood" on the English version.
Errors corrected
  • the morphological analysis didn't produce results for some unaccented particles.
  • εἰδω and οἱδα presented inflection problems.
  • αὐτός  listed the neuter accusative incorrectly.
  • the morphological analysis for some unaccented genitive plural forms (καλων, πυρσον) returned spurious results along with the good results

Version 4.6 released


New particles

  • We added articles and personal pronouns to the program. They are present in the dictionary, inflection charts and morphological analysis.
Morphological analysis corrections/additions
  • Corrected bugs in the morphological analysis and added hundreds of rare/difficult forms reported by users.

Version 4.0.8 released


Usability improvements

  • The font selection now correctly propagates to all 3 sections of the program.
Forms database additions
  • Some of the duplication of forms that occurred after the morphological analysis has been suppresed .

New site and domain


Our site received a major facelift.
We hope that you find this format much more user-friendly than the old Flash-only version. Of course, you are always welcome to tell us what you think.

Version 4.0.5 released


Usability improvements

  • Each of the three sections of the program is clearly differentiated, with its own tab and input box.
  • We removed the auto-search feature and added a Search button on each section, making clearer for the user what to do.
  • We added cool independent sliders on each section, allowing the user to set the font size independently.
  • We dramatically increased startup speed, and halved the speed at which the charts are generated. Furthermore, on the Morphological Analysis, basic search patterns are cached on the first search, so that each subsequent search is a little faster!.
  • The typography (Font) to be used for rendering Greek characters is the system's default (Tahoma for Windows, Geneva for Macintosh). This allows for a more natural look-and-fill, especially when changing the font size.
  • We added a menu and a help. Just go to help/contents.
  • A menu bar and a help system were added.
  • On the Chart generation section, caption was added, indicating what canonical form is being selected at the time.
  • When generating verbals' charts, we corrected an error that caused the chart generated to be for the before-the-last form, not the last one.
Forms database additions
  • When inflecting verbs compound with preposition, we devised a sophisticated system for carrying over irregularities from the simple verb into the compound verb, but still accounting for irregularities of the compound verb itself. See ἥμαι - κάθημαι, for example.
  • If the user entered a preposition alone in the morphological analysis, the program hanged. This has been corrected.
  • Certain verbs beginning with αἱ such as αἱρέω made the augment wrongly. This has been corrected.
  • The inflection charts for verbs compound with preposition didn't work properly. This has been corrected.
  • Several extra irregular verb forms (mostly from NT) have been added.