Photo My name is Mariana Díaz and I am a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In have formed my own company, PrekSpanish, which offers teaching and education consulting services to schools, private institutes and individuals.

I am also a mother of two girls, Manuela and Zahra, who are completely bilingual.

My university formation was very traditional, I got a degree in Language and Literature, with a major in Classic Languages (yes, I know Latin and Classic Greek).
Shortly after my graduation I started teaching Spanish in secondary schools, and as a private tutor.
Soon, I realized that the approaches traditionally used for teaching foreign languages, based on grammar and translation, weren't satisfactory, and realized the importance of getting my students more involved; specifically, getting them to produce as much actual speech as the alloted class time permitted.

So I started to intensively study more pedagogical methods and teaching techniques focused on foreign language acquisition. I became a member of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and attended many of their excellent courses and seminars, I took Art and Acting workshops, I read every Language Teaching book I could lay my hands on, and obtained even more material online. In particular, the material by Ana Lomba, a teacher, mother and businesswoman who developed specialized material on language education for childen, steered me in the right direction when creating my own curriculum.

Of every new piece of material I studied, I was able to extract what I found valuable, and apply it to my daily teaching experience. Not every new approach worked: I was very fortunate that my employers, both institutional and private, were patient enough to let me experiment new things in my classes. That way, by actual trial-an-error through my professional experience, I was able to shape a set of methods and techniques that produce the best results when teaching a foreign language.
I have to also give credit, in general, to American schools and institutes, for the degree of freedom they traditionally give to their teachers about how they teach a language, as long as measurable results are achieved.


Licentiate Degree in Spanish Language and Literature - with specialization in Classics - 2000
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Professional Development - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - 2004
Tennessee Foreign Language Institute

Seminar for Teachers - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - 2003
ADD - AD/HD syndrome detection (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
Offered by College Heights Christian Academy

Teaching English as a Second Language - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - 2005
Tennessee Foreign Language Institute

Seminar and Workshops - Nashville, Tennessee, USA - 2006
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Seminar and Workshops - San Antonio, Texas, USA - 2007
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages - Creative Teaching Strategies for the Spanish Classroom.

Workshop. Atlanta, Georgia, USA 2008
Accelerating Proficiency in your foreign Language Class using TRRS Strategies.
Bureau of Education and Research

Accelerating Proficiency in your Foreign Language Classroom Using TPRS - 2015
Online training offered by the Bureau of Education and Research.

Professor Diploma for Education in High School, College and Special Needs. - Indiana, USA - 2015 University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Indiana Teaching Certification - 2016 Indiana Department of Education

International Baccalauraeate Educator Certification - Indiana, USA - 2016 Butler University

Mariana Díaz D.B.A PrekSpanish
2567 Foothill Blvd #119, Oakland, CA 96401