Pre-K Spanish

Ricitos de Oro (Goldilocks)

This class is directed to two siblings, 3 and 4 years old, respectively.
With the parents, we agreed to allow their younger 18 month sibling to tag along, since he seems to enjoy the classes. The content is not designed for his age group, but whatever he absorbs certainly doesn't hurt him.

In this class we present more elements of the Goldilocks story. By now the children are familiarized with the key elements of the story, in Spanish.
Watch how they are comfortable expressing degrees in size, the temperature of the soup, etc.

As we do at the beginning of each class, in this segment we review ways to exrpress how we feel ("bien", "mal"), and introduce a new mood: "enojado" (angry).

We follow by issuing some movement commands they already know: "correr" (run), "saltar" (jump), but with the addition of how fast we perform the action: "lento" (slowly) or "rápido" (quickly).

Finally, we commence with the story, introducing the characters.
Notice how, although the puppets are approximately the same size, the children already grasp the concept of "Papá Oso" being big ("grande"), but "Bebé Osito" small ("pequeño").
They also know, intuitively, what size of soup plate that corresponds to each one.

The soup is served by the children, while they count the servings.
As the story continues, the siblings become a little unruly.
I try to capture they attention by having Goldilocks querying them ocasionally, but it is not enough.
The mother has to intervene and I have to interrupt the story.
This is part of the job, and perfectly normal.

We move on to the chairs, the smallest of which will have to "break" when Goldolocks tries it.

The children can already recognize the problem with the chairs, and later the beds, as Goldilocks tries them: they are either too hard ("duro"), too soft ("blando"), or "perfecto".
The emotions: "llorando" (crying), angry ("enojado") and scared ("tiene miedo") are reviewed as the bears come back and discover the wreck, plus "un pelo" (a hair) in the soups and beds.

Goldilocks wakes up to see the bears, gets scared and runs away, exiting the scene rather abruptly.
Time to round up the class, and shamelessly bribe them with some chocolate (mother authorized).

... but not before making they work a little more, recognizing the syllables of the word CHO-CO-LA-TE itself (the spelling is the same as in English)