Pre-K Spanish

La sopa loca (Crazy soup)

This class segment is ideal to further familiarize the children with the opposites "frio/caliente", and to accustom them to the sound of the Spanish imperative. It is simple and modular enough, so that it can easily be adapted to incorporate extra vocabulary, but using a very strucutred and repetitive sequence the children can remember and recognize.

We start with the story of "Ricitos de Oro y los 3 osos" (Goldilocks and the 3 bears). It creates a rapport by presenting an environment familiar to the children.
At ages 3-4, the puppet show generates so much interest, that the fact that it is given in a different language is pushed into the background.
Immediately after their attention is captured, we proceed to add "ingredients" to our soup ...

Oops! I have to fire the cameraman (my husband).
(Next time, we have to remember not to switch between "landscape" and "portrait" shots!)

Along with bread, vegetables, I deliberately include some odd items as "ingredients" in the soup: a telephone, a puppy, a pair of glasses.
This activity is so structured, so cross-cultural, that the odd items contribute to capture the children's interest.
Notice how, after some initial hesitation, they jump along an throw no matter what into the soup ...

This activity is designed in a way that every child can participate, according to the level of involvement he or she feels with the story.
One has to be watchful not to "lose" anyone, but keeping everyone's interest alive.
At the same time, the way your activity is diagrammed has to allow for pushing a little further with those students who demonstrate interest.
Now we complete our soup.
Do you think any of these children would ever forget in their lives what "sopa" means?
They just absorbed lots of background information: utensils, imperative forms, size adjectives, food vocabulary, and, all along, the sound and inflection of the language. (this activity is completely conducted in Spanish, which doesn't bother them in the least!).