Pre-K Spanish

Un tallarín

This activity is based on the following song:

Un tallarín,
viene por allí,
todo pegoteado,
con un poco de aceite,
con un poco de sal,
y se lo come ... <the victim's name here>

"Tallarines" (from Italian tagliarini), are the most common type of noodle in Spanish-speaking countries (spaghetti are also known, but no so popular).
The song says "A noodle, all sticky, comes over there, with a little oil, witl a little salt, and <victim> eats it!

First I introduce the ingredients: oil, salt, and real noodles.
Then, I use a gel to demonstrate for the children the tactlie concept of "pegoteado" (=sticky). Afterwards, we use an antiseptic gel to wash our hands.

At last, the game proper starts: A random person (I start with myself) is chosen to hold a plate with tallarines and sing the song.
At the end of each song, the bearer chooses a "victim" who will have to eat the tallarines on the plate (or optionally pretend to eat some, as the cold noodles are somewhat disgusting). The song ends with ... y se los come + the name of the "victim". (Notice that not even the cameraman escapes his fate).

At each repetition, we add 1 to the count of tallarines, all the way to 10; if this way we also practice our numbers in Spanish.

As we near the higher numbers I use more plates, and ask the bearer to fetch more. "Trae un plato".

This was the first attempt at this game, and I made some mistakes: I skipped the verse "todo pegoteado" from the song (because at the time I wasn't 100% sure the concept was useful/undestood), and sometimes I point to the aceite and to the sal in the inverse order.
But overall, it was a fun learning expecience.