Pre-K Spanish


The children in this activity (4-year olds) are already familiar with the vocabulary for common food items, because it had already been presented to them through the story of Caperucita (Red Riding Hood), during which we had reviewed "what items Caperucita was carrying in her basket to granny".

We practise the name of those food items in a playful way, by creating a simple game situation: the items are placed in a basket, and the parents, in the opposite end of the room, ask their respective children to bring one particular item at a time.

This keeps parents involved, too!

The children also answer naturally to questions like:
¿Qué es? (=what is it?)
¿Qué tenemos en la canasta? (=what do we have in the basket?)

The main command used here, by the parents, is "Trae"=bring (me), plus the item in question.
Food items in this used in this activity are: jugo (=juice), pescado (=fish), banana, plátano (=banana), leche (=milk), pan (=bread), queso (=cheese), brócoli (=broccoli), tomate (=tomatoe)

My only intervention here is to hurry them on (¡Rápido, rápido!¡Corre!), to occassionally prod a shy student on, and, since they are so excited, to insist on them to just taking one item at a time.

At the end of each round, I ask them to count how many items each brought, and they surprise me once again, ' counting up to numbers that I havent taught them!

This is a simple and useful activity that serves the purpose of fixing vocabulary, and that can be easily reproduced at home.